Tapes and Cords

Wide range of high quality, colour-matched blind components ensuring problem-free production, installation and operation

Tape, Cord and Chain (TCC) are vital components within most window covering products. The ladder and woven tapes hold venetian slats in place and allow their range of function. Cord raises and lowers systems. And the chains and loops are the end-consumer’s contact with the blind, giving the strongest sense of the system’s performance.

The choice of TCC products often comes down to unit cost due to their apparent simplicity and already low cost. However, saving money through less expensive components can end up costing more in the long run. The finished blind can look less expensive, perform less well over a shorter lifespan, and take longer to assemble and install.

Turnils TCC components offer three major advantages. Firstly, they represent a new business opportunity – a wide range from a European source, using high-grade polyester yarn that gives the lowest elongation, the highest strength, and the best UV stability, uniformity and abrasion resistance. Then the fabricator can cut costs with problem-free production e.g. low minimum orders, quicker delivery, tangle-free packaging, quicker assembly and full technical support. Finally, the retailer gets quicker installations and fewer reclaims through consistent quality.

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