Classic 50

Solid 50mm venetian blind system
- easy to install and suitable for all types of slat

The Classic 50 system includes all you need to produce attractive 50 mm venetian blinds of proven quality. Equally suitable for aluminium, wood and composite slats, the system opens the door to the widest assortment of slats and colour-matched components. Covering total areas of up to 10 m2 and suitable for any sales volume, Classic 50 offers great flexibility.

Classic 50 is optimized for production. Both head and bottom rails come with a plastic protective film to avoid scratches during delivery and production. The clever design speeds up tape assembly on the tape roll. Common components for stringtape and wide woven tape reduce stockholding needs. Machine and hand tools are offered at all levels of production – from manual to fully automatic.

Installation of the Classic 50 system is quick and easy for nearly every type of window. In addition to the standard brackets, there are special brackets to handle more complicated installations. And the solid design and proven quality ensure very low maintenance, fewer claims and reduced after-sales support.

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Classic 50