Universal 25/35/50 mm venetian blind system
– designed to support multiple slat materials, widths and tape options

Continent is a robust and flexible blind for volume sales. The system is suitable as a free-hanging or in-between glazing blind and is available with a range of different control options including the ultrawand with one-operation control forlift and tilt. Continent covers most applications for 25, 35 and 50 mm aluminium slats and 25 mm wood slats.

Cost-efficient components and reliable handling routines help streamline production, cut costs and reduce stock. Several customer options use the same components. Continent uses snap-in stop rings and easily mounted internal end caps. A plastic protective film on the head and bottom rails prevents scratches during handling and delivery,reducing both claims and scrap.

Continent’s design makes installation quick and easy in nearly every type of window. The system has the appropriate brackets and hooks to ensure a reliable installation.

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