Impala with Antimicrobial protection

The Impala vertical track system with antimicrobial is the result of many years of research and technical development that has produced a product suitable for the contract healthcare blind market.

It is designed for maximum performance and minimum maintenance, allowing consistent operation even with the rigours and occassional abuse in a commercial healthcare installation.

The Impala wand operated vertical blind system offers many product benefits.  Ease of operation makes it perfect for hospitals and schools.  And the elimination of sensitive components makes the wand operated Impala system even more user friendly.

The Turnils antimicrobial range of products should be used typically, where high frequency traffic exists or areas where special requirements have to be catered for, i.e. Hospitals, food handling or where there is a potential for cross-contamination by harmful bacteria.

The non-toxic, patent-protected additive, available only from Turnils, inhibits the growth of a wide range of potentially harmful bacteria and fungi, effectively providing additional hygiene protection for hospital patients, staff and workforce in businesses, particularly in healthcare, food, and education.